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Reclaiming Khazad-dm  by Ellynn 3 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 29 on 6/27/2021
How well I remember that warning. A terrible dream! Now she will see the costs of war.

I pity even the orcs, I find. At least those who flee will trouble Durin's folk no more--or at least not for a long time.

Author Reply: In one of the writing courses I recently had, I read that the author should achieve that the readers have some feelings even for the antagonist(s). It's good to hear that readers (or at least some of them) sympathize wit the orcs too.
Thank you. :*

AldwenReviewed Chapter: 29 on 5/30/2021
Nice chapter! Very interesting to read the orc perspective!

Author Reply: I have to admit that I didn't plan it (orc scene, I mean), it was "an inspiration of the moment", so to say :)
Thank you! *hugs*

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 29 on 5/30/2021
What a terrible nightmare for Halldis, but keeping busy at these very needed tasks will help her.

That was an interesting orc conversation!

Author Reply: The orc scene is short, but it was interesting and funny to write. :)
And there will be two more! :)

Thank you so much. *hugs*

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