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Like a Blade Forged in Fire  by Lialathuveril 7 Review(s)
MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 2/9/2021

I really love this first chapter! You create the world of the Haradrim so evocatively. So wonderfully exotic. I started reading wondering how long till we get to the part where Eomer meets Lothiriel but now you have sketched this blossoming relationship between Lothiriel and her Haradrim Prince I am wondering where their storyline is going. Wonderful! I shall continue onto Chapter one!


Author Reply: Thank you! I've long wanted to explore this corner of Middle-Earth, even more so because Tolkien doesn't really tell us much about it. And by now you've discovered that the story jumps forward several years, but there will be more details of the relationship between Lothiriel and Arantar.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/22/2021
A most interesting beginning, seeing Lothiriel becoming a bride after no true wooing--simply being gifted to this man who thinks of her as a possession as yet.

Need to check if you have any more original fiction on offer. I've loved the three books I've read.

Author Reply: Hello Larner, nice hearing from you again! And I hope you'll enjoy the continuation of the story too. Lothiriel's second wooing will be very different.

As for my original stories, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm working on a new one, but unfortunately it's slow going with all my other commitments.


demeter dReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/21/2021
How lovely to see a new offering from you! You do know, my addiction to Eomer-Lothiriel stories started with your "Not the Usual Stakes"! That was the first E-L story I discovered when I first came to SOA. Then my sister e-mailed a link from Hennuth Annun, then here and at Fanfiction.Net I found Maddy and Lady BlueJay, and have never looked back! I think that Lothy's father and brothers are beating themselves up for not what they think. The scene in the Crown Princess's private garden brought to my mind a song from the Broadway musical "Kismet". The words included "come where the dearly beloved is waiting, where the rose and the jasmine mingle, While I tell her the moon is for mating, and tis sin to be single..." I think that she will not say anything bad about her late husband because he was always good to her and their son. I think she fell in love with him! I think that she still wears the queen's torc because it was given to her at her marriage by her husband, like a wedding ring! I like the lady captain of her personal guard's promise that she would defend her new mistress with her life. She has, indeed, given up her old life, for a new one in Gondor and Rohan. Now, What next?

Author Reply: Not the usual stakes was your introduction to Eomer/Lothiriel romance? It's a miracle that didn't put you off altogether ;-D

As for Lothiriel's thoughts on her marriage, that will emerge slowly, but I'm not giving any secrets away when I agree that her family don't understand her properly. And there will also be a bit more about Khuri's background.

I hope you'll enjoy the ride!

sueReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/13/2021
Oooo -lovely set up. I am anxious for more chapters.
I like seeing Lotherial's trepidation coupled with
her considerable diplomatic skill. A great beginning
and a wholly unusual story line.

Author Reply: Thank you! I've long wanted to write a story involving the Haradrim and this scenario insisted on being written. I hope you'll enjoy it!

whitewaveReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/10/2021
Great to see a new post from you! I like this version of the Eomer-Lothiriel love story--it reminiscent of Eleanor of Aquitaine. The Harad culture you are portraying is also interesting and looking forward to see how you will have Eomer and Lothiriel meet and fall in love.

Author Reply: Hello whitewave,
great to hear from you again! It's true, Eleanor of Aquitaine married the French king first, IIRC, didn't she? Though I hope that Lothiriel and Eomer will have a less conflict prone marriage than Eleanor and Henry. But now I have this vision of 'Elfwine the Lionheart' ;-D


RadbooksReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/9/2021
Well, this was a wonderful treat! It's very different being in Harad, but I love it so far. Thanks so much!

Author Reply: The rest of the story will be set in Gondor and Rohan, but I wanted to give an idea of Lothiriel's experience there. I hope you'll enjoy the ride!

Reviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/9/2021
Sooooo excited to see another story!!!
I've always had a fascination with the Haradrim and this one looks tantalizing!
Can't wait to see the next chapter.

Author Reply: Thank you! Only the prologue is set in Harad, but of course Lothiriel's experiences with the Haradrim will shape her.

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