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Like a Blade Forged in Fire  by Lialathuveril 4 Review(s)
MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 10 on 3/28/2021

You put such detail into your work. The description of the paints and how they were made is fascinating. When I am researching for a story I will read and read then sometimes only a sentence about what I researched about will wind up in the story but I know that that sentence has some background to it. Such detail in your work makes the world you paint come alive.

I see that ╔omer is thunderstruck by the idea that Arantar himself did not mistreat LothÝriel. Will be interesting when his ideas of Arantar and Harad go from here!

Thank you for this!

Stay safe!


Author Reply: I do exactly the same thing! Like you said, it might only be a single sentence, but it adds depth to the story (and anyway, I love doing research). The different pigments were really fascinating to read about - there is actually one called dragon's blood, I didn't even have to make that up.

So pleased to hear you like these little details :-)

RadbooksReviewed Chapter: 10 on 3/21/2021
Loved this chapter! I really enjoyed the details about the pigments... very cool details that added to the story. Thanks so much!

Author Reply: I spent a lot of time researching paints and pigments for this story - it's such an interesting topic - so I'm really pleased to hear you enjoyed them!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 10 on 3/21/2021
Aha! It is finally dawning on him that perhaps--just perhaps--Lothiriel and her late husband just might have come to respect and even care for one another. To realize that this man actually might have cared for his wife, and to see her as more than just a possession, is shaking Eomer's prejudices and preconceptions.

Love this glimpse at how Eomer must adjust his thinking to truly appreciate just how special this woman is, how dearly she could love him--if the two of them get that far! And I love the growing appreciation for her artistic gifts.

Author Reply: Yes, it's not easy for Eomer to get his head around this new idea. In his defense, unlike the reader, he got all his information from Lothiriel's family and only had a few cryptic hints from her. And of course the Haradrim were their hereditary enemies, so it's difficult to think well of them.

And I really love making this Lothiriel into an artist! Unfortunately, I'm not talented that way myself, or I'd draw a few pages of her sketch books. And the research into pigments and paints was fascinating too :-)

whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 10 on 3/20/2021
I wonder why Lothiriel decided to take Tarcil with her in the library? This chapter confirms the full-fledged conspiracy in Meduseld to get Eomer and Lothiriel together. :-) I think Tarcil has warmed up to Eomer and Rohan very much but it's good that he is also raised with his Haradric heritage. I am curious to see how Eowyn will react to the whole idea--maybe she will also visit? Her talk with Amrothos did sound ominous to me too.

Author Reply: I don't think there's an ulterior motive behind Lothiriel taking Tarcil with her, she probably just likes having him around. And yes, there's quite the conspiracy going in Meduseld. Those letters to Eowyn would probably be fun to read! She'll actually make a brief appearance in this story, but not until the epilogue.

Thanks for following the story!

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