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Like a Blade Forged in Fire  by Lialathuveril 3 Review(s)
MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/12/2021

Finally we get to the point where Lothíriel finally or at least partially opens up to Éomer!

“Éomer, I will be honest with you: taking you into my bed would be easy.”

Involuntarily he choked. “What?”

LOL!! It is a good thing that Éomer was not drinking wine at the time! Choking and coughing up a lung in the process is SUCH a mood breaker! :-))

You handled this section very well. A deft and light touch through a difficult conversation! Just lovely!

Honesty serves Éomer well here.

So looking forward to your next chapter!

Stay safe!



Author Reply: LOL, that was a bit of a shocker for poor Eomer, wasn't it. Hopefully it won't upset his delicate sensibilities ;-)

And I'm a great believer in being honest and talking to each other, so it's definitely a step forward for the two.

Stay safe too!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/11/2021
Well, he's not making a hash of it now! He is listening, really listening, and letting her tell her tale in her own words. And she accepts that his is not an idle fancy, but one that is thought out as well as instinctive. And he understands the language with which she was brought up.

Now, if she will relax and accept his offering. At least she knows it is voluntary, and that she will not be kept in gilded captivity should she accept his love.

A worthy courtship, this.

Author Reply: An important step for Eomer to listen to her and learn the truth, isn't it. And for Lothiriel to be able to unburden herself for maybe the first time - though perhaps not completely.

Thanks for reviewing!

whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/10/2021
I felt very hopeful for Eomer after reading this chapter. I think Tarcil and Amrothos and Khuri are all in favor of Eomer in their own way. It’s good that they had that talk—looking forward to the next one.

Author Reply: Yes, it's definitely a step forward. And I agree that Tarcil and Khuri are in favour or at least not actively opposed to Eomer marrying Lothiriel. But first he has to convince the lady herself.

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