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Thranduil's Shadow  by Mimi Lind 1 Review(s)
AaronSecretReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/4/2021
As I previously said, your writing really helps me understand better the relationships between the Silmarilion characters.

Your work keeps me always so tenderly excited, I can't stop laughing with emotions, even my mother sitting next to me noticed and asked what intrigued me that much.

I like that you captured, unbiased from kink and the usual fanfiction sexualisation, the true emotion of elves, their true canon attitude towards each other, and also, there's this lingering lonely sensation of ...elves dying, or expecting their death, as it has always bothered me how their immortality ceases due to warfare, and this is omnipresent in your work.

They laugh, they have their fights as per character, they are kings, princesses that can't talk to their partner proreply, they are drinking out of a broken relationship, excited to know whose was the mysterious face... but... behind all of this, the Morgoth threat always weighs and makes a sad presence, for it is not peace, and you never know who's the next one to die.

Author Reply: Such a poetic description!
Indeed, this story focus a lot on dying, and mourning, and mental wounds not allowed to heal. Thranduil will become broken, before he can rise... It is not an easy story, neither to write, nor to read.

But even if there is much hardship he must go through, there will be a light in the end of the tunnel.

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