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Thranduil's Shadow  by Mimi Lind 3 Review(s)
AaronSecretReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/2/2021
WOW The challenging momennt when Oropher hit him and then praised him! This is EXACTLY how I'd depict him. I love it <3 I'm fascintated, deeply touched and I somewhat feel a distant mouring, for some reason.

Author Reply: Glad you agree with my version of him. I like to explore the dynamics between a parent and their child, and I imagine they will have a much greater impact when they are immortal - especially since elves grow up so slowly.


AaronSecretReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/2/2021
WOW! Such knowledge of The Silmarilion. Who has been where, who witnessed what, who lived at that time, who was present in the kingdom, also knowledge of Elven Language. Good job!
Thranduil's cute. I kind of miss it when he becomes a king, more badass.

Author Reply: Aww thank you! I did LOTS of research on this story.

AaronSecretReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/2/2021
Okay, so far I've had the chance to take only a glimpse at your work but I've been enchanted with the idea of finally managing to read it. Will do so shortly. I like the serious feel of it, and it captures, to me, the real Thranduil's story and persona I've been unsuccessfully searching for in fanfiction that focused on other biased thigs instead.

I will follow up whether this impression will change once I take a more serious look at your work.

Author Reply: Aww thank you for reading and commenting so kindly! I have not been active on this site so I had missed all your comments.
Glad I checked in now!


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