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The Fall of the Falas  by perelleth 2 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 7/3/2021
An enlightening look at Gil-galad's youth as he begins his transition to adulthood. Well wrought.

Author Reply: HI, Larner! Thanks for letting me know. Gil-galad fascinates me, and this tory had been sitting in my hard disk for years and years. I'm glad that you liked it.

AranadhelReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/8/2021
Suilaid, mellon.

Can't thank you enough. This story and the rest I've read.

Makes me cozy inside reading your stories regarding the Noldor, my favourite clan.



Author Reply: Hi, Aranadhel, thanks for letting me know!

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