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The Great Escape  by Calairiel Malromiel 1 Review(s)
EarthdragonReviewed Chapter: 4 on 8/20/2021
I've been enjoying this story very much, but must take issue with you stating that Glorfindel is the son of Ecthelion, not to mention that Ecthelion is Fingolfin's brother. No he isn't and neither is he the father of Glorfindel. Ecthelion and Glorfindel were, in fact, friends and fellow knights of Gondolin and lords of separate Houses. And Ecthelion is definitely not related to Fingolfin, who only had two brothers - Feanor and Finarfin.

Author Reply: That's why this is my AU (Alternate Universe). In my little world Ecthelion married Lalwen (Fingolfin's sister) and Glorfindel is their child.

And if you don't like that wait till you find out that Erestor is Ecthelion's brother (Glorfindel's uncle) and that he is actually Egalmoth (Erestor is his mother-name!) of Gondolin and didn't die at the Havens!

Egad! The horror of it all! 😁

But I'm glad you enjoyed it otherwise. Just know that if you read any of these stories they are all in the same AU world and all meant to be the lighter side of the dumpster fire that is House Finw!

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