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Time For Another Jailbreak!  by Calairiel Malromiel 1 Review(s)
AranadhelReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/9/2021
Suilaid, mellon!

I'd wished your stories never ends!

Gosh how did you come up with these "what if" endings to tie in all the loose ends from the Silmarillion and Lotr trilogy?

It's beyond genius I really love love love it!!!!

Hope you have more coming!

If you could do a story on Elros as King of Numenor that would be awesome.

Thank you once again! From your biggest fan!

Author Reply: I'm so glad you've been enjoying my stories. They are all connected as part of my Fun With Finwions series - so there are a few more coming and I hope to add to them.

And yes! There are several plot holes/contradictions that have bothered me over the years. Plus me just wanting to have a little fun with characters that are so one dimensional and serious in the Silmarillion!

This story covers that quote from the Silmarillion concerning Melian. And I'd love to figure one out for Elros - mostly for Elrond's sake (can you imagine losing your twin??!) but a solution hasn't come to me yet. And that's rather the whole point of this story, isn't it? That since the beginning it meant a permanent sundering, thus convincing both Arwen and Aegnor to leave the Halls.

Regardless, I thank you so very much for your praise, for I HAVE had fun writing them in a lighthearted way!

Author Reply: Well - I wish I could edit this - for it's referring to 2 different stories so my reply doesn't make sense. But yes - Melian's comment in Of Arwen and Aegnor convinced those 2 to leave, but I refer to it as continuity for my stories of why I can't figure out how to give Elros back to Elrond!

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