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Choices  by Lindelea 28 Review(s)
shireboundReviewed Chapter: 6 on 11/18/2003
Oh, what a wonderful ending!!!

"I would rather have died than let the Captain die because I was too fearful to take action."

Wow. And this just gives me chills all over, it's so perfect:

"He drew his sword, and it caught the light of the rising sun as he held it high. On the opposite hilltop, he saw the glint of the sun from another upraised sword, and he watched until it was gone from sight as Pippin's pony descended behind the hill."

I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Author Reply: Thank you, shirebound, your praise always means much, considering the source (one of my favourite authors).

My dh says you write reviews well, too, and wants to use your review to show his students an example of how to provide feedback.

Tim the EnchanterReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/18/2003
Yea! His waiting for news of his fate is over! This is a wonderful story - but any idea on when we can expect the next chapter of "Runaway"?

Author Reply: Not a clue. Jo and I are still trading emails back and forth, playing tag. (as in "you're it!")

EnvinyatarReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/18/2003
You're doing a fine job with this.
Aragorn's method of delivering his judgement on Beregond always bothered me in the book - he seemed to be almost tormenting him, but you provide a very convincing explanation of it: 'They would be reassured that the King is not about to sweep away all the old tradition with his new broom.'

I like your portrayal of Beregond as the 'honourable almost to a fault' Gondorian soldier and I think you handle his POV very well. I especially like your depiction of the major events going on at the same time - neatly summarised but not distracting from your story. I think that's probably very difficult to do.

The only thing that jarred with me slightly was the reference to Beren & Luthien, regarding Beregond and Gilwyn meeting beyond this world. I can understand him wanting to give her some comfort, but it seemed somewhat slighting of her sister!

Otherwise, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I love it when people update so quickly!

Author Reply: (sound of jaw hitting the floor) Pardon me while I pick something up...

You know, I never thought of that! An eternal love quadrangle in the afterlife (for there is also Gilwyn's dead husband...). Yikes! My only explanation is that their spouses were already dead and gone (Gilmarie some years, Gilwyn's husband about a year) and their loss had been grieved, but Beregond and Gilwyn are alive and trying to come to terms with anticipated loss.

The judgment scene in the book always bothered me, too. I think that's why I tackled this story in the first place, to explain to my own satisfaction why Aragorn spoke the way he did.

Thanks for the comments!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/18/2003
How I love this chapter! I've never read a better description of how Aragorn came to his difficult decision, and what it must have cost Beregond to await it, in all those days previous. Mesmerizing! This is a wonderful story.

Author Reply: O, thank you, shirebound.

While letting this material percolate back in February, trying to figure out why Aragorn spoke the way he did, it struck me when he said the penalty for spilling blood in the Hallows and deserting one's post was "of old" death. Beregond had to have this in mind fromt the time he left his post... up until the time of the trial, and everyone else would have been aware of it too,, save perhaps the visiting hobbits. I assume he sought an honourable death in battle to spare his family grief and disgrace, which is one of the reasons he was in the front rank when the battle started, not just because he's extraordinarily brave and all. He didn't reckon with being saved by a stubborn hobbit, I guess.

Will go off now to face the day, glowing from the praise!

Author Reply: p.s. must give the beta readers their due. I was almost entirely focussed on "deserting his post". They were the ones who reminded me he was guilty of the blood of comrades. Thanks Julie and Carol, if you happen to read this!

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/18/2003
Beautifully done! The scene between father and son almost made me cry. I hope the final chapter is not too long in coming. You write Aragorn very true to character. I look forward to future stories.

Author Reply: Thank you for the review! The final chapter is about to go up, so you get your wish. I appreciate the feedback on Aragorn; he is another I approach with caution. Somehow Merry and Pippin resonate well with me and I think I could almost write them in my sleep (hope I don't put my foot in it in the very next story, having said that!)--Merry was always my favourite character, with Pippin a close second.

HaiReviewed Chapter: 4 on 11/17/2003
That was a nice little celebration chapter for the most part. It would be hard to concentrate on the here and now when you knew that an execution sentence was hanging over your head! I was afraid there a moment that Darothorn had changed his minds and decided to take Beregond's life! Thanks for not letting that happen ;) Looking forward to more, thank you!!

Tim the EnchanterReviewed Chapter: 4 on 11/17/2003
Beregond needs the healing power of laughter... and someone to worry over. Methinks him part hobbit.

HaiReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/17/2003
Why would it be a slwo death by exile! Couldn't Beregond take Bergil and then be exiled and live with him in some place otehr then Gondor, Rohan, Lossnarch or somewhere? Now Merry knows and he probably doesn't understand at all being from the Shire where there has never been such a problem, that he is aware of. Looking forward to finding out how Beregond's sentance plays out and for what reasons. Thank you!

Author Reply: Well, he would not be killed out of hand, but being exiled means that every hand is against you and you may not return to your home. For one as loyal as Beregond, this would seem more like "slow death" than life.

Tim the EnchanterReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/16/2003
So many threads woven together so well. Merry's turn as a dressmaker's dummy, the interaction between Beregond and those who know him, Aragon's sorrow at apparently finding his hands tied. It is a good thing we know he doesn't die, but he still has to come to terms with the memories of the men he killed.

Author Reply: Healing does take time, and I don't know if he will ever "get over" the deaths of comrades by his sword, though he will probably come to terms with it over time. You're right, it is a good thing we know the outcome, or I'd have no fingernails left about now.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/16/2003
Poor Beregond! What anguish for him, knowing each day that his fate is either death or exile from all he loves.

Author Reply: Yes, someone suggested a long time ago that I call the story "Dead Man Walking", but I told her that title had already been taken! That was before you and I wrote stories with the same title... *g*

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