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Thain  by Lindelea 164 Review(s)
DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 42 on 4/14/2014
Blessed, blessed Frodo! On the spot, using his head, using Ferdi whom everyone seems to disregard at this point in time, to find his Pip!

And Lin, my dear, you gave me one of my favorite things: Frodo taking care of someone else! He's so careful and loving, and worried. am I. Pippin, Pippin, what have you done to yourself!

Author Reply: It's fun to see Frodo as the caretaker, rather than the one needing care. He's definitely the competent older cousin here.

Poor Pippin, it was a fair bit of rotten luck on his part. If only he'd chosen a different pony, his plan might have worked out more as he intended. *sigh* Consequences... one of Life's favorite teaching tools.

Author Reply: (not to say that he was in the right... only that he might have been a little less wrong!)

p.s. Did you get my email?

EverlightReviewed Chapter: 42 on 4/14/2014
Oh my! Pippin has really gotten himself into a good bit of trouble and poor Frodo in the middle...

Pippin is blind! What are they going to do about that? It cannot be permanent unless this is AU but I am very curious about how you are going to fix this.

I am on the edge of my seat. Update soon please.

Author Reply: Not AU I'm glad to say, but within the realm of possibility.
Thanks! The next two chapters are already written so they should go up on schedule, or sooner if I get stuck while working on one of the other WIPs in the lineup.

Garnet TookReviewed Chapter: 42 on 4/14/2014
Oh dear! I knew he was going to land himself in deep trouble but I didn't think it would be this bad. Pip's in a serious fix now and poor Frodo is totally at a loss for the best way to deal with this.

I'm wondering what the exact nature of Pippin's injuries are. The thing I first thought of with his vision would have made the loss permanant and that can't happen, so now I'm wondering just what is going on.

This one's hitting close to home for me now.

Great chapter. Please don't keep us in suspence for too long.

Author Reply: Thank you!

You're right, it can't be a permanent impairment but it is worrisome, and all Frodo can do is keep him quiet and wait for help. Will try not to keep you waiting too long. Next update will be a Bucca chapter (next week) but the Pippin chapter after that is already written and so will be an easy update.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 41 on 4/9/2014
Ingenious hiding place, I must say! I rejoice that his father and Primrose, at least, are safe. And he is right regarding other members of his family most likely being lost, I fear.

Now--to see what happens next!

Author Reply: It seemed to be a logical step for hobbits to take, and with a strong leader like the Thorn to coordinate efforts, it's not impossible to contemplate.

And next, I finally get to come back to Pippin's part of the tale, and Frodo's, at last! It seems as if I've been hanging all too long. However, at least we found which box the notes, outline, and drafts were in, and so the work continues on my New Year's resolution -- to finish a number of WIPs. And who knows, once they're done, what may come about. I once had so many story ideas, I scarcely knew what to do with them all. "Farry and Ferdi Go to Gondor", and how Bandobras Took ended up in the North Farthing, riding a horse of all things, and how Hally and Rosemary first met (and the story of their courtship and marriage -- for they were handfasted on very short acquaintance and barely knew each other, but it was the lesser evil, for Rosemary's sake at least), and the story of how Marcho and Blanco founded the Shire, and perhaps how Bergil came to be a part of the King's elite bodyguard. So much to contemplate... But so long as there's a place to post, and someone out there to share my enjoyment, I suppose I'll keep at it.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 41 on 4/9/2014
Oh he made it home to his father! And the clever hobbits have made themselves a safe burrow, a regular warren, you might say!

But I worry: who has Bucca lost?

Author Reply: Yes, the hobbits have had months to build this safe place, and many bodies -- when you consider that there were likely many made up of the majority of the farmers of the Marish, plus the hobbits of Stock and the Yale at the very least -- and who knows if they might have had help in the design and execution, as a result of taking in an injured, fugitive Dwarf or two? (Although hobbits, being traditionally hole-dwellers, are probably excellent delvers in their own right.)

The possibilities are so interesting to contemplate!

Poor Bucca, his own personal loss(es) will come clear all too soon.

EverlightReviewed Chapter: 40 on 3/19/2014
Wheww! Took me almost 2 weeks to get to the end (so far) of this story and I finally made it! *grins happily*

Pippin, Pippin, what have you done now. A fine mess he has made for himself, just had to take the fastest pony in the Shire and ruin his chance to have a holiday. *sigh* I want to give him a good shake and talking to, though he probably will have had both before the end of this.

Author Reply: Congratulations!

Just his luck, the most convenient pony also happened to be the most valuable in the stables...

Ah, consequences. I can promise you, they'll be interesting.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 40 on 3/19/2014
Oops! Oh, Pippin! What a hornet's nest you've stirred up!

Poor Frodo, looking forward to a visit with his cousin that doesn't look like happening now...

Author Reply: Poor Frodo. How sad, if he were not able to celebrate his birthday with Pippin. (For one reason or another...)

Garnet TookReviewed Chapter: 40 on 3/19/2014
OMG! He's gone and done it now. He's taken the best pony and gone missing. He's probably ruined his chance to visit Frodo and earned himself water fashions, if the Thain can punish him that way. And all this hedges on whether or not he's managed to hurt himself, the pony or both. Pippin, Pippin, Pippin. Now I'm going to be wondering if he's all right all through the next chapter until we get back to him and resolve the situation.

Great chapter.

Author Reply: "He's gone and done it now." Exactly what I was thinking. It was just a little joy ride, and if he'd been thinking and not acting on impulse it probably wouldn't have come to this. Ah, Pip.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 40 on 3/19/2014
Oh, dear--Pip's done it this time! Most likely Buckland and Merry, then, I'd guess!

I so rejoice this is being continued at last!

Author Reply: He certainly has done something or other. How will he talk his way out of this one, I wonder?

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 39 on 3/9/2014
A terrible homecoming in many ways, but at least his sister-in-love and nephew and father are still alive. Sounds as if Primrose is filling what needs she can find that she can handle, and doing very well!

Author Reply: Good to find someone, at least, but tragic that it might not be all.

Prim is one of those people who sees what needs to be done and doesn't hesitate to do it. Sometimes it gets her into trouble, but most of the time it's an excellent trait.

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