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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 657 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 101 on 9/10/2021
I LOVE your description of the sunset.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 107 on 8/29/2021
Being able to wear a warm,snuggly robe the last few days still seems weird after June's heat, doesn't it? Now, for Olorin to demonstrate his and Narya's affinity for fire!

Will becoming down this Tuesday. See you then.

Author Reply: Wonderful! Looking forward to seeing you!

I am so looking forward to autumn. You should have heard me cheering the grey skies yesterday. Bring on the rain and snuggling with the overlarge puppy and a blanket and a good book.


TariReviewed Chapter: 98 on 8/24/2021
I love your take on Ring Around The Rosy.

Author Reply: Thank you! It's such fun to think up Middle-earth equivalents. (Since "Ring around the Rosy" was about the Black Death, I didn't feel right using that one... though I do recall a plague in JRRT's writings. From Tokien Gateway: The Great Plague, also known as the Dark Plague was a disastrous pestilence that killed untold numbers of people). Anyhow, knowing hobbits, the rhyme in the "fish" game probably goes something like "fish - wish - dish"... LOL!

More coming soon. I was very swamped at work, but have had a little free time today to work towards new chapters in this and the dog story, so hoping to post something before the weekend.

I appreciate your stopping by to leave an encouraging word!

TariReviewed Chapter: 98 on 8/24/2021
I love your take on Ring Around The Rosy.

TariReviewed Chapter: 97 on 8/16/2021
Wouldn't it be something if horses and ponies were really that smart? Actually it might be scary. I love Bill.

Author Reply: It would certainly be something!

(I had a sneaking suspicion that Zoe, our previous Giant Schnauzer, had a higher IQ than her humans. She never lorded it over us, though. Sigh. We have bought push-buttons that will speak words if the current dog pushes them. I don't know what we're letting ourselves in for...)

SueReviewed Chapter: 107 on 8/13/2021
Welcome back! Its nice to think of snow in this oppressively hot weather. Dear dear Bill. Great heart indeed!

Author Reply: Thank you! I am on a deadline at work, but just as soon as I finish this project, I'll type in the next chapter and post it. I appreciate your staying with me through these fits and starts!

(And you've got something there. In our former non-air-conditioned house, I used to read Laura Ingalls Wilder's The Long Winter every August as a sort of mental break from the heat. Oddly enough, that book starts out with a description of Pa and Laura haying on a sweltering summer day...)

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 107 on 8/11/2021
Good thing we know how this ends, huh? In the next chapter, Gandalf will save the day! Meanwhile, they're all having a very rough time in that frigid cold and relentless snow.

Author Reply: It sure is a good thing! Y'know, that's one reason why on my original stories I always have to write the ending before I can proceed. I have to know that there's a good ending!

(Alas, poor Bill... the middle, as the Professor set it up, is not at all pleasant to contemplate. Sigh. I keep looking forward to that reunion with his Sam in Bree. But with the short attention span of a pony, it is taking some time to get to that point!)

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Please give my best regards to DF.

Author Reply: p.s. I am quite looking forward to having some breathing room to indulge my fanfic reading habits again, but it will have to wait as I just now got swamped with work again for the next few days. Ai! (as I seem to recall Legolas saying at one point) At least it pays the grocery bills...

I don't know how many chapters behind I am in the Unexpected Adventure (as well as a number of other stories I was in the middle of reading when RL got crazy busy here), but I am really looking forward to catching up again!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 107 on 8/10/2021
We're having a heatwave as well, and I don't mind reading about snow!

I continue to delight in your descriptions of Merry, such as... the more-frozen-than-merry hobbit... !

Author Reply: Stay safe! Over 100 died in a recent heat wave here. There was a bad mistake in the cityís help line, so no one was monitoring the phones over the weekend when the high temps began, even though the media was telling people to dial 222 to get a ride to a cooling center. Many here donít have air conditioning and couldnít cope with temps over 115. But I heard that people have been working hard to protect the vulnerable in later heat waves this summer.

((Hugs)) Thanks for stopping to leave a good word.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 106 on 6/24/2021
Bill is so perceptive, and I rejoice that he, too, benefits from the miruvor.

Bless Gandalf for remembering the pony as he seeks to hearten the rest.

Looking forward to more. I've been through a bit of a low myself, and am finally beginning to feel better.

Author Reply: It does seem reasonable that Gandalf, with his gift for encouragement, would not leave out the pony.

I hope this reply finds you feeling better. I wrote the first part of the next chapter during that murderous heat wave we had earlier, and now another one is beginning. Stay well.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 105 on 6/24/2021
Poor Pippin! Hypothermia is not fun, believe me! And I'd not be the least surprised to learn that both Saruman and Redhorn are laughing at the plight of the Fellowship at this point.

Author Reply: I always wondered about those fell voices on the air... Eerie. I have been shivering cold in my lifetime, but I'm glad to say it never got as far as hypothermia or frostbite. The poor Fellowship! (All but the Wood Elf, who doesn't seem to be affected by the cold in the same way as the others.)

Thanks. I hope this finds you well.

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