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One Who Sticks Closer than a Brother  by Lindelea 186 Review(s)
Garnet TookReviewed Chapter: 52 on 4/20/2014
Happy Easter to you too.

This was a very nice chapter for this week. Two miracles being celebrated by the Tooks. I will confess that I read this late at night so I may have missed some of the finer points, but still a fantastic chapter.

I jsut remembered that you and I are on the same page with getting happy hobbit couples into tubs of hot water. :) Loved that scene.

Author Reply: It was lovely that the "miracles" chapter happened to fall on this weekend.

LOL about being on the same page -- one of the reasons I love your characters! They have so much fun being in love with each other.


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 52 on 4/20/2014
It sounds the perfect end to a day too many feared might never come. I rejoice that both Tolly and Ferdi are well on the mend! Hooray!

Author Reply: Hooray! I'm glad they're on the mend, too. Oddly enough, I'm a little tired of writing angst at present. Yet it keeps popping up in plotlines. Go figure. (I guess a story could be awfully boring without any conflict.)


DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 52 on 4/19/2014
*grin* Now isn't this perfect! There's no place like home...

Author Reply: LOL! No place like home, indeed. Now I am starting to want a bubblebath...


DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 51 on 4/6/2014
This wonderful chapter left me with a grin on my face! And oh, the tales! Pip will be highly gratified when he learns how well their ruse worked.

Author Reply: So glad!

For a change, Pippin gets to use the Talk in his favour. (Well, maybe not for a change. I think he probably grows quite skilled in this crowd-control technique, actually, understanding its power.)

Garnet TookReviewed Chapter: 51 on 4/6/2014
This was a delightful chapter.

Now Tolly will be able to simpathize with Pippin about the being forced to eat all the time. :)

Loved the idea of the little inn off the beaten path where the Thain takes his wife for a quiet retreat. That created a very sweet image in my mind.

Ned better hope his tale doesn't reach some ears. The Thain isn't exactly fond of the Talk and that story could end up going 'round the whole Shire. Of course, it does through everyone off the idea that a Man entered the Shire. They'll all be more convenced than ever that it was an elf. Hmm, Pippin could actually appreciate the tall tale, but I rather think he'd rather not have it That imbellished.

Author Reply: So glad you enjoyed it! As the rest of the story is pretty much wrapping up loose ends, it's going to be a lot of "comfort" after the "hurt" and not a whole lot of tension. I worry sometimes that it's not "exciting" enough, until I remind myself how much I enjoy reading comfortable chapters from others, like Shirebounds latest about Fili and Kili after the spider stings.

Funny how Pippin doesn't have to do any of his own embellishing in this case! All he had to do was start the ball rolling, and hobbity gossip took care of the rest.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 51 on 4/6/2014
Indeed, it is only right that the "normal" times should return, particularly considering how upsetting the latest troubles proved, and how marvelous the healing that they have seen performed. As for the Son of Elrond--I wonder how many others will figure it out!

Author Reply: Hmmm. Well of course Pippin knew, and Hilly (having spent time with all the sons of Elrond, enough to have some subliminal sense of body language, aura, that sort of thing), but I'm not sure other hobbits have the experience to understand the clues in quite the same way. So Elessar's secret is safe! For surely the conspirators are not going to tell, and Hilly knows better.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 50 on 3/25/2014
And so Tolly comes to learning his own story! I wonder will he ever guess who that "son of Elrond" is?

It must be disconcerting to waken from a serious illness or injury with no idea of what happened and the only clue to how bad it was the fear and grief on the faces of your loved ones.

Author Reply: I wonder if he will! Perhaps he might, if/when he at last meets the King in person. If he remembers dreaming, he might know that King and dream were the same.

Good point!

I cannot believe this story is within ten chapters of finishing -- or so the draft looks. It might be less, or if something unexpected happens, more, but really, it is nearly finished. I am smiling as I look forward, and that's a good sign.

Thank you for your listening ear!

Garnet TookReviewed Chapter: 50 on 3/25/2014
Trying the review thing again. Hopefully this one will post instead of disappearing into cyberspace.

This was a tense chapter even though the threat is passed. Hearing it retold in condensed form was almost as stressful as the longer version of the experience.

Looking forward to what you have next in this one.

Author Reply: So it's not just me and my computer giving me fits, with this review thing. I have taken to highlighting and control-C my review text (and review reply text) before attempting to post. That way I can try again. (Though I find often that hitting backspace when I see the error-timeout-whatever message instead of the review posting, will take me back to an intact review in a typing box. Sometimes I'll open another tab, log in once more in that tab, and *then* retry submitting the review. I can be a very determined -- read stubborn -- computer user...).

Funny thing is, this chapter was background information and almost didn't get put in, except that their arrival at the Great Smials read as too abrupt and so I needed to put some sense of passing time into the story.


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 50 on 3/25/2014
And bless that son of Elrond, who came cloaked and hooded--and who secretly had two fathers! Heh! Tolly may be able to work it out, I'd think. Now--to feed him up again!

Author Reply: He might, perhaps -- I think of Faramir's joyful recognition, waking from a fever -- but then, he might not, if Elessar did not wish it. He's never met the King, if I'm remembering right, and probably hasn't met either of the other sons of Elrond. He may not even have met Legolas yet, though he's heard plenty of stories about him.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 49 on 3/15/2014
Having the King near at hand does help, after all. I'm so glad both Ferdi and Tolly are recovering so well! Bless them all. I'll have to reread the whole thing now! Heh!

Author Reply: LOL! Enjoy!

(True confession: I had to re-read this and a few other stories for continuity before I could write to the end of this one. Not too many chapters left, depending on how they break out as I type them in...


Author Reply: LOL! Enjoy!

(True confession: I had to re-read this and a few other stories for continuity before I could write to the end of this one. Not too many chapters left, depending on how they break out as I type them in...


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