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The Farmer's Son  by Lindelea 129 Review(s)
MaayaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/27/2008
I was a bit surprised they're still living at the farm, but I do so like it. And Pimpernel and Ferdi getting married! I love this story already; it's a lovely AU view of your regular universe.

Author Reply: Yes, I based it on Pippin's telling Beregond, "My father farms the land around Whitwell." Instead of thinking of a tenant farmer, as I'd thought of in the earlier stories (and truly, Paladin's living in the Great Smials was at first an error on my part, because I didn't know my canon so well as I came to know it later), I'm taking Pippin's words literally. It's interesting, to figure out how to change a few things (like Paladin's disposition, in more ways than one) and keep the rest as much the same as possible.


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/27/2008
A wonderful look at the family, although I'm a bit surprised they're still at Whittacres. Excellent ambience.

Author Reply: They're still at Whittacres based on Pippin's "My father farms the land around Whitwell." I know, it could mean that he lives at the Great Smials and has one or more tenant farmers, as in my original version of the Shire, but I chose to take it literally in this version. It'll be interesting to see how things work out...


Garnet TookReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/27/2008
This is off to a fantastic start, Lin.

As much as I love your original universe, there is something vary charming and right about this one. Paladin as a content farmer is a nice contrast to the way both you and I usually portray him.:)

I'm really looking forward this new road you're traveling with these character, and am anxious for the next chapter.

Author Reply: Thank you!

I do like to see Paladin as a happy farmer, especially after writing him so in "Healer's Tale" and some of the other stories set earlier on the timeline.

SoledadReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/27/2008
Oh, this is lovely. I came to love Ferdi through Larner' stories, and it's always nice to meet him elsewhere.

I know so shamefully little about Hobbits. Are Ferdi and Pimpernel canonically a couple? I know they're both canon characters, but unaware of any details.

Author Reply: LOL, I think Larner might have got Ferdi-and-Pimpernel from me. They are not canonically a couple so far as I know. I just looked on the family trees to find someone the right age to marry Ferdi to, and Pippin's sister was in the ballpark. The rest is history...

I do love Larner's Ferdi, and his special perception of Frodo and Sam's light. She's done a marvellous job of making the Ferdi in her stories real and believable. I think she might have picked up the idea of a blinded Ferdi from my stories, but his light-perception is her own special touch.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/27/2008
Oh my dear! What a lovely and promising start! *grin* I love this AU to your Shire already, seeing as Pimpernel and Ferdi are betrothed.

Poor Pippin, though, listening to his father boast of him and how he relies on him, knowing what's coming... Reading stories set during the Conspiracy always have this little touch of melancholy about them, no matter what.

Author Reply: *grin*

Ah, but there are always rocks in the road...

Poor Pippin. It must have been difficult to keep the secret, though knowing how high the stakes were, he could do nothing else.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/22/2008
*waves tentatively at Lindelea*

Psst! Lin? Is this the Paladin I've been waiting for? If so, then I can hardly wait :-)

Author Reply: *waves back* It just might be! Now if I could only find a few minutes to type it in...

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/20/2008
Rosemary Sutcliff, after writing of the very human and historically likely Artos in "Sword at Sunset," reverted to writing very Arthurian legend stories more akin to Mallory and Pyle. Am glad you'll allow "another" Paladin out to play.

Author Reply: You know, I haven't read "Sword at Sunset" yet. I'm surprised I missed it when we went through our Arthurian frenzy last year. (We read a whole lot of takes on Arthur, but I think our favourite remains Gerald Morris' Squire's Tales series. He makes the characters very real and human.)

MaayaReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/20/2008
*intrigued* Definitely looking forward to this!

Author Reply: Thanks! It has been fun to re-read LOTR with this story in mind.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/19/2008
YAY!!!!!! *grin* You are going to *do* it! Wheeeeee!

er...ahem...I'm really glad you are going to explore this particular AU version of your Shire; I look forward to it.


Author Reply: Bless you for your enthusiasm and encouragement!

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